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Windows movie maker fx

just some effects that i can do in Windows movie maker :D PS: you can watch this video in 3D!!!!

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Crash video effects(Movie Maker)

un altro video made in Italy XD (scusate per la scarsa qualità che si vede a 2:11 e 2:26)

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Movie Maker Effects: Pencil Drawing

Combining the ‘edge detection’ and ‘grayscale’ effect when editing using Windows Movie Maker can make the video look like it was done as a pencil drawing …

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Como colocar videos editados do Movie Maker no Youtube

LEIA A DESCRIÇÃO=========================== Gente foi mal msm tahh…minha mãe falou ali.. (ashuashuashua) . mas deu para ensinar… …

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Video Maker FX – Create Easy Amazing High Quality Videos like Pros (2014)

Subscribe for More Videos Here: Video Maker FX Download : …

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