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How to make Stop-motion explosion FX in Windows Movie Maker – Tutorial

This how to/tutorial gives a basic overview of anitmated movie making and how to create a simple stop-motion animation with explosion and smoke effects using nothing more than a digital stills camera, some toys and Windows Movie Maker.
Explosion effects (fx) are relatively easy to pull off with stop motion animation. No sophisticated editing programs are needed. Windows Movie Maker is more that sufficient to produce these little films. Beceause stop-motion animations are essentially a sequence of still photo’s, special effects such as explosions, etc, can literally be “painted” onto your movie frame by frame. You will of course need some sort of photo-editing or paint program to do this, but the requirements are very basic, and there are any number of free programs that you can download to do this.
Good luck with your movie making.

The Meejah Channel is the place where you can find all kinds of stuff that will show you how to make a movie and show you just how easy this stuff can be to do.

The music used in this video is creative commons 3 kindly provided by with additional music courtesy of the Youtube Creators Audio Library. Every other element of this video is all my own work.

All the music and SFX used in this video are available for free download from

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